About You

Not Just a Formula

As most financial advisory firms begin their relationships with you by talking about themselves and the ways that you fit into their formulaic approaches, The Roush Group devotes the beginning days of our relationship to learning about you.  When it comes to money matters, people are complex, and no two individuals fall into the same formula.  To do our best work, we must understand exactly what money and wealth means to you so we can provide you with an array of options tailored specifically for you and your needs.  Learning about your vision for the future of your business, how you want your employees to be looked after, and the life that you want to provide for your family now and into the future are vital to determining the best approach to managing your money.  More than anything, coming to an understanding about how you find meaning in life and how you want your wealth to assist in doing so are what we strive for here at The Roush Group.

Your Book of Life

Your book of life is filled with promise and possibility. When we earn your trust, we can play a pivotal role in helping you turn the next pages of your life with confidence. Money brings you the power to either owe, grow, live or give. Our approach to financial life planning assures a pathway of clarity as a focus is placed on your needs and your wishes.

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How Many Chapters Remain in Your Book of Life?

Did you know that if you’re lucky enough to live to age 83, you will have lived on this Earth 30,000 days? That’s only 700,000 hours.

At what point in life are you?

Whether you’re in the last 10,000 days like many of us or at the beginning of a promising career, it’s time for a reality check.

Will the remaining chapters of your life fulfill your goals?

If there’s the slightest hesitation in answering yes, allow us to help you.

We can aid you in executing the remaining chapters of your life to perfection.