Succession Planning

What’s right for you?  That’s what matters, and that is right where we begin our relationsip. Learning your core values enables The Roush Group to take a consultative, collaborative approach to client wealth management. Our goal?  To help you leverage the advantages of core wealth-building and protection strategies:

  • You may not be able to cash-out and sell your business for the best price.
  • Your business may not survive once you move on.
  • Your valued employees may lose their positions and contributions to your business.
  • You may face a family member takeover causing in-fighting and complications.
  • If the goal is to sell, a buyer will insist on seeing your succession plan because he wants a solid management team in place to carry forward your leadership.
  • If your goal is to see your business survive, you can make an orderly transfer of control to a stable team of professionals you can trust to carry out your vision.

Your life’s work is too important to leave to chance.  
Enlist the support of a trusted Roush advisor and be confident in your succession plan.